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Today's Activities Include: 6 miles for the first time in a long time, no sitter

I walked with both partners in the morning, because it was T.'s half day so afternoon was not going to work, at least, not since the sitter canceled. T. and I had dinner at the Horseshoe and he got a balloon animal from Fran.

This is Fran: http://www.franflynn.com/

He's at the Horseshoe in Hudson every week for a couple hours in the evening on Wednesday's, but his whole schedule is on his site.

T. likes to go to the Horseshoe on Wednesdays so he can see Fran. At this point, Fran is having to work pretty hard to come up with things T. hasn't already seen.

Since I had two morning walks, the long one was 2 miles instead of 3. But I did the 3 mile loop after dinner, thus netting me 6 for the day (Watch says just over 11, once factoring in all the other running around I did). I was very tired by the end of the day.

R. continues to have a cold. Our regular UPS driver, T. (not my son -- same name as my father, ironically, but I like this one much better) arrived with R.'s birthday present _just_ as we were about to leave for gymnastics, which is fortunate and saved me the trip because it required a signature. Turns out T.'s (the driver, not my son) anniversary is the same day as R.'s birthday, so I wished him an early happy anniversary.

I'm continuing to read Harper's Half Moon Hollow series.
Tags: daily activities
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