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My new walking partner today showed up with a belated birthday present for me. Very lovely surprise! A beautiful scarf in my favorite color, a mug and a pin. It really is the little things.

We did the 3 mile loop again. It's a little bit of an exaggeration to say I did 4 miles today, since my walking partner M. and I walked out to where the road work starts and then turned around and returned. Walking next to new blacktop on a day when the temperature is over 80 is headache inducing for me. I feel for the people who do that job and am very grateful that they do. Probably especially because I know it would kill me to breathe those fumes day in and day out.

I'm continuing through Molly Harper's Half Moon Harper books. Gigi has her own book and she's gotten a degree in computer science. Fantastic! And, predictably for someone with a degree in computer science, but for other reasons in this book, she also spent a bunch of time learning BJJ and some other martial arts. Very cool protagonist.

I'm excited to see the results from today's elections, but last night's announcement that the math means we're going to have a woman candidate from a major party is a historic moment that I've waited a long time for. I could not be happier -- altho I sure hope to be, in November!

I finished watching Spectre, and was super happy with the ending. Riding off in one of his old cars, with a woman who understand him, can keep up with him and is completely committed to getting away from the assassin lifestyle (to the point of being willing to walk away from him if he continues in it) is the perfect retirement movie for a Bond.

I've got a couple more Marvel Agents of Shield episodes, then I'll have to pick another movie to watch. Altho the Zootopia preorder is just sitting there . . .