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Today's Activities Include: R. has a cold, sitter canceled and uncanceled, 4 miles with partners!

R. came home work early; he has a cold. Poor R.! I hope he feels better soon. He is napping.

The sitter sent a text saying she had a stomach bug this morning. Then a few hours later, she was, hey, I'm all better! Want me to come? Oh yeah. I mean, as long as she's _really_ better.

I watched about half of Spectre today (I did finally finish Deadpool and I loved every minute of its profane self). Very pretty movie, even by Bond standards and Bond standards for pretty movie are quite high.

Recently, my new walking partner and I attempted the Great Hill loop. But the bugs did me in and we bailed out and came home on sidewalks. So today, we did my usual 3 mile loop. So lovely to do that with someone to chat with! And very few bugs. I also got my usual mile with my other walking partner, which was in the afternoon and thus warmer, but not too hot. Very pleasant and quite amazing to get 4 miles in in one day, all with people to chat with in person, instead of on a headset.

I read an amazing weight loss narrative on medium. It is the best weight loss narrative I have ever read (and I have read more than a couple). https://medium.com/@chrishiggins/i-lost-86-pounds-and-learned-a-few-things-856ce2e73876

T. and I both forgot our jackets when we went to the horse yesterday. But it wasn't too cold so it was okay. We had dinner at True West, but he didn't like the ketchup, so we brought his fries home. I had them with a BLT for dinner. And the inevitable dinner items: a Manhattan and, obvs, cole slaw. Because cole slaw. I have reached a point where if I am feeling peckish at 11 p.m. at night, I go downstairs and have a bowl of cole slaw. It is Wrong. But it is tasty.
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