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Saturday's Activities Included: gymnastics, birthday party at Goldfish, Earthfest

T. and R. went to Earthbest and got there so early they were before sound check. Ooops.

Meanwhile, I took A. to gymnastics, where at the very end, she tripped and bashed her shin hard. Ow. Oh, and we stopped and got a present for her friend's birthday party at Learning Express on the way to gymnastics.

After lunch at McDonald's, the next activity was a birthday party at Goldfish in Westford. Goldfish is a small indoor swim instruction facility. It has excellent temperature and noise isolation between the swimming area and the observation area. Which is so much more amazing than you might realize if you've never been fully dressed and waiting through a kid's swimming lesson. The chairs -- not benches! -- are even comfortable. A. had a great time playing in the water for a little over an hour, wearing a life vest because even tho she sometimes can swim three lanes (the distance across the small pool), sometimes she doesn't feel like it. Fortunately, she was happy in the vest and there were other kids in similar circumstances so there was no stigma.

Alas, by the time fruit cup, juice boxes and cupcake time rolled around, she'd pretty well run through all the energy she had for the day (remember, gymnastics earlier). She lost it completely so we left about five minutes before the end of the party so no harm no foul. It was really nice, and I may try signing her up for lessons there when school is out.

We stopped at Roche Bros. for the chocolate chocolate cupcakes that she was so broken up about not getting at the party (and which she then proceeded to not much care for once she tried them). I turned her over to R. and took T. out to the Pub on the Common for dinner, where he ate half his sandwich and saved the other half for lunch on Sunday. He also had water to drink instead of chocolate milk. He is really trying to make healthy choices. It is sort of weirdly amazing and wonderful.
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