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Sunday's Activities Included: Soccer, Horse, lunch at home, dinner out, Whole Foods, Oasis arrival

It was another busy weekend day. I took T. to soccer in the morning and had a great time chatting with a couple of the other parents. Then it was back home for lunch, unusually -- he had leftovers from Saturday's dinner. Next up was the horse. It had been drizzling during soccer in town, but there was a dry spot in Chelmsford over the stable and its surrounding area. Another pleasant convo with a parent. After that, we stopped at Whole Foods and picked up a few groceries for the upcoming week.

T. and I had dinner at 99 in Westford. Since the Red Sox won their game, T.'s dinner was free. The bar there does not have a rye, but their Maker's Mark Manhattan is excellent. Also, that fresh haddock they are serving is fantastic.

ETA: Oh, and the Oasis arrived! By USPS, delivered to the mailbox without so much as a honk. Yeah, cause _that's_ a good idea on a Sunday. I heard the truck and went out, but how many people consistently even check their mailbox on a Sunday? Having the device in hand confirms my suspicions that the gadget reviewers who think this thing is overpriced are all out of their minds. This is by far the most amazing ereader ever. It is completely painless to read in any light level: crisp screen even in sunshine, lovely backlighting. The page turn buttons take a few minutes to get used to but are fantastic -- it is so nice to have the physical buttons back. The case is very lightweight, but if you want you can take it off while you read and if you do, the device itself is almost unbelievably lightweight. And it is so classy looking, compared to all the previous entries in the kindle series. If you are dead broke all the time, sure, it's not worth going into debt over. If you are a one book a month reader, it is over kill to own. But if you have the space in your budget for regular nice dinners out and you are a (near) daily reader, the cost of this is a no brainer. It's like owning an extra set of eyeglasses so you don't have to wear the same pair every day and you have a backup pair. It's like owning a really nice coat with seam sealing and good style in a color you truly love. The up front cost is higher than seemingly substitutable goods, but the experience is really different. In our society, everyone picks and chooses among the things they care to spend extra on, and what they buy the cheapest version of. This is a readers' ereader.
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