walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: 45 minutes of 2 babysitters, sick kid

I got a lot of small things taken care of: summer haircut (short all around this time and a bit longer on top), some food prep (cooked bacon, made coleslaw). T. went off with his sitter, which was a near thing because her day had included news of a silver alert on a member of her extended family (it turned out okay; since getting the car keys away from the person in question might be conflicted, I suggested lojacking the vehicle so at least they would be able to track the vehicle down. Turns out lojack is a bit of an obscure term. Basically, it involves putting a transceiver in the car and if you report that it has gone missing/stolen, the registry will activate it and then the transceiver will talk to appropriately equipped police cruisers within a few miles of it). A.'s babysitter showed up, but that didn't last: her car started making an odd sound almost immediately -- possibly a serpentine belt that she has already had replaced once has gone bad again. I retrieved A.

I tried to talk A. into going out to dinner with R. and me, since that would likely have been what we had done if both kids were supervised by other people. Alas, the only restaurant she was interested in is the one with golden arches. Oh well.

T. came home and either he ate something that disagreed with him (possible) or he just had a Really Bad Day (this theory supported by interacting with him, listening to the sitter, and reading what his aides had to say in his home log). He cried a long time and then threw up. So no school for him tomorrow, because we can't really be sure it wasn't some kind of stomach bug. Fingers crossed. If he's energetic, I plan on having him help me clean his room and maybe get rid of some of the crap layered on top of the kitchen table.
Tags: daily activities
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