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Today's Activities Include: Seoul Kitchen, cupcakes and coconut oil, eye doctor

Things are getting a little back to normal around here; we had two sitters in the afternoon so we went out again. Despite it being a half day, it was a pretty easy day for me.

I went in for a regular eye checkup. The only objection I have to these (other than that I'm getting older, and thus the potential for Bad News is rising every year -- but so far, my prescription is stable, I can cope with my aging eyes without bifocals and pressure etc. are normal) is the dilation, because it takes me 4 or 5 hours to recover from that, which sort of means the rest of the day is effectively destroyed. R. tells me this is actually sort of typical for people with our eye color; he tells them and they use a less powerful solution and rinse it out immediately. I had no idea you could even ask for this, but I'm going to try to remember that for next time. I did buy new glasses this time, because last year I got backup glasses with transitions so I'm still wearing glasses from 2 years ago and they are showing wear (altho the screws aren't backing out or anything, so they've been very durable and high quality).

A. went to play therapy. They've been making cupcakes at play therapy, but the therapist uses coconut oil and A. doesn't like coconut so the cupcakes came home. Fortunately, I bought a cake mix for them to use with no milk products so at least _I_ can eat them. Or possibly _not_ fortunately, depending on one's point of view.

R. and I went out to dinner at Seoul Kitchen. Good bar (I got a rye manhattan with a twist -- they used Bulleit), excellent bi bim bap (I got beef -- there were many choices tho!), and unagi. R. was less impressed by the bulgogi. He says he'll try the bi bim bap next time, but I'm thinking I may do a little more extensive ordering of sushi next time. Friendly service and not crowded -- I think it's more of a lunch place.
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