walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: Soccer, Applebee's, Horse

No cancellations this Sunday! Turns out if we had checked Sidekick's website, we would have known about last week's cancellation due to weather. I will need to check for next week, because the Kids' Bike thing is at Nara and so is Sidekick, and that seems like a conflict.

T. had fun playing. I got to chat with a couple of the mothers, one of whom is another Disney parent, so that was fun. The other one had the oddest story about trying to get the DAS pass and being told no. But the way she described being able to get more FPs for Seven Dwarves Coaster, at will, in December shortly before Christmas break? No. We concluded that the corporate event she was there on had paid for get some kind of VIP treatment on their fastpasses and she got turned down for the DAS pass because what she had was better than that. Interesting trying to puzzle it all out.

We had an uneventful lunch at Applebee's. Three couples worth of JWs (looked like maybe a couple elders, their wives, and possibly a circuit overseer and spouse, but I'm just guessing based on overheard conversation) came in and got the booth next to ours. I had them pegged based on dress and grooming, but convo made it very unambiguous after a while. One of these days, I'll have to figure out just what it is that makes it so easy to tell JWs apart from Mormons.

The schedule has a decent chunk of down time between events, so we drove around Carlisle a little before heading to the horse. I got to chat with friends, which was nice, because I missed seeing them last Sunday due to weather cancellation/Mother's Day.
Tags: daily activities
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