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Recent Activities Include: weather, fruit, Whole Foods

On Saturday, my son and husband went to cousin/niece's college graduation. As a bonus, there was a proposal and engagement! I'm super happy, because I always liked the gentleman doing the proposing, and thought the couple was adorable together. What a big day!

Normally on Saturday, I take A. to gymnastics, which is why we weren't there to see all the excitement in person. A. didn't want to give up gymnastics and we've been canceling most of her other activities to stick with the ones she likes so we stayed home. T. wanted to go to the new Whole Foods in Westford, so after dinner, we went over there, where I bought a bunch of dairy free things (and one thing that looked dairy free but turned out to contain casein -- bummer for me, but I guess R. can have it) including muffins.

On Sunday morning, A. really wanted one of those muffins, so I shared mine with her. Then I supplemented it for both of us with a bunch of the lovely fruit and berries I had bought at the same time. A. said, "It's like a feast!" T. even had some, altho other than apples, he didn't want any of the fruit; he did ask for carrots -- he's trying to eat more healthy foods. I would call that collectively a Mother's Day win.

On Sunday, T.'s afternoon lesson at the horse was canceled due to anticipated rain which instead arrived in the morning leading to A.'s lesson being canceled. While all the participants showed up for T.'s morning soccer, the coaches did not and T. would accept no parental substitution. We stopped at CVS and went home instead, then had lunch at Julie's. We had a quiet day for the most part: went for walks when it cleared up, things like that. R. went out and got flowers.

We are now out of muffins, however, and A. was quite excited at the prospect of more so I'm either going there soon or waiting and taking her with me. It sort of depends on whether we have a sitter for her this week or not.

Oh, and R.'s mother was at the Saturday event, so he came home with an early birthday present from her to me. I love it! It's a very pretty wrap, perfect for Florida visits.
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