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One Kid Home, Other Kid Sick

This morning, I got the robocalls I normally associate with a snow closure, only of course no snow today. (Well, not this morning anyway! Rumor has it there was some sleet or whatever in the area.) This time, the auto call snow lines were used to tell people that my son's school was closed due to a water main break. Because this was such an odd situation, his teacher also sent email round -- and I got an actual phone call from a woman associated with the program he is in as well.

I canceled one walk, and took him to the mall. I picked up an Apple Pencil, which is super cool even tho I am in no way artistic. Before that, we stopped at Kohl's, where I bought some capris and shorts (I own both, but shopping in my closet for things that are both worn and no longer fitting well is so much less fun than shopping in my closet for things that are barely worn and are fitting better than when I bought them). After the Apple Store, we had lunch at Cheesecake Factory, where the extremely diligent server told me I couldn't have the bread (really?) and there was an ingredient in the asian lettuce wraps with milk products in it (really?). Turns out, not so much. "Made in a facility where", which is fortunately not an issue for me. If your allergies are cross-contamination/contact level severe, you really want my server cause she was working hard to take care. So I got to eat the bread anyway, along with my messily delicious lettuce wraps.

Then it was off to Build a Bear, which if I had thought I was going, I would have brought the reward certificate and the gift card, but, alas, I didn't realize I was going there until lunch. Oh well.

T. went off with his sitter, and then A.'s sitter showed up. The plan was for them to go to Jungle Book and I had bought the tickets the night before. This turned out to be an error, because normally it is my son I have to give imodium to -- today it was my daughter. I told the sitter if she wanted to abandon ship, I would completely understand and she decided to do so, leaving me with the conundrum of how to get a refund on the movie tickets. I can't do it over the phone, altho the manager says I can bring the paper in and he'll handle the refund later today even after the movie starts -- the remaining question is whether it's worth driving out to Lowell just to get $18 back. It isn't to me, but if R. has an errand that direction, perhaps he'll feel differently. I was pleased that management at Showcase was willing to offer that as an option.

I'm wondering if A. will wind up spending tomorrow at home, too. *sigh* Post vacation week often is like this.

ETA: Almost forgot: stopped at Hanna Andersen. Bummer is that A. is approaching the end of the size range. Another year or two and no more HA excursions for my kiddos (altho there are always other people's kids to buy presents for . . .).
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