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Trip Report: Universal Studios, WorldQuest

We flew JetBlue and got an Embraer this time. I am pleased to note that the Zuca Pro (oh, man, you can get it in purple now! damn. The thing is kind of immortal so I cannot justify a replacement. *sigh*) fits into the overhead even in an Embraer. Gotta put it in sideways, but it slides in perfectly. Because we were on an Embraer, we didn't get our favorite row, but it's not a long flight so it hardly matters. Rather than 3 on one side and one across the aisle, we were 2 and 2 in front of each other.

Flight was uneventful. We got our bags and picked up a car at National. I had not ordered a booster for my daughter because she often objects and she's tall enough and old enough to be legal in Florida without. OF COURSE she decided she wanted one.

Trip to Universal was uneventful. I had ordered season passes and unlimited express, so we had to wait in line to pick those up. But once we had them, in theory, minimal waiting, right? We get in the express line for Minions, and boy was I glad a parade came down the street because we waited a loooong time; ride may have been down or something, but I eventually set a timer and we got moving before it went off altho my son and husband bailed out and came back later.

We did rides for a few hours but didn't attempt to close the park down; we left to go to the hotel around 6 or thereabouts after having dinner at Mel's. It's hard to justify spending to stay on property at Disney to go over to Universal, and I hadn't yet decided it was worth it to stay on property at Universal (getting a kitchen there is difficult, so I've been working my way around to giving up on having a kitchen for a few days). WorldQuest is clean and reasonably comfortable. The screens surrounding the deck are kind of awesome. Alas, our room faced the pool and it was loud down there until quite late. R. didn't much care for the mattress. It was fine, and while we'd be willing to go back, I doubt we will between the noise from the pool and the benefits of unlimited express being bundled in with the rooms on property at Universal (plus the hour before park open for on property guests).

We were at Universal last November, but A. and I didn't go on Transformers, Spiderman, the Cat in the Hat Ride, etc. It was nice to get to do a few new things. We skipped ET this time and still haven't done any of the water rides. Looking forward to Kong on our next visit.

We spent parts of 3 days at Universal, and still didn't run out of things to do. The Express is definitely worth it, altho I think it would be almost as good (and a lot cheaper) to get the regular express rather than the Unlimited, if you pay for it separately. We didn't go on very many rides multiple times (altho Hippogriff, Spiderman and Transformers we did, and it was nice to not have to wait long).
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