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Recent Activities Include: Universal, WDW, vacation planning

Trip Reports will hopefully happen some time soon; we just got back from a week in Florida and had a great time seeing family and visiting Universal and WDW.

We like going during April vacation week, but likely won't be going in 2017. I just took a look at February and April vacation weeks for next year in the TouringPlans Crowd Calendar and they are brutal. April isn't usually -- but Easter falls on our week so I'm gonna pass and maybe think about 2018.

I ordered T. a couple sets of day of the week socks on Amazon, thinking they wouldn't arrive until we returned. They got here a little faster than expected ... from China. Had the import sticker on it. Kinda cool socks -- chinese characters, numbers, 3 letter day of the week abbreviation, and an additional word.

We returned home yesterday, so today has been an almost normal Saturday: A. had gymnastics. T. wanted to go ice skating, but the rink didn't have public skating today. R. and T. went to the toy store to pick up a gift for a birthday party tomorrow. And tomorrow will be the horse; it'll be nice to see people. I even got a walk with one of my walking partners today.
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