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Today's Activities Include: Cake! and Smart Keyboard arrived

I have a new walking partner, D. (a few weeks now). She knitted me a scarf! So I promised to make a cake, because I am not crafty but I can bake. I finally followed up on the promise: one layer of chocolate cake with coconut nut frosting for her family and one for mine. I don't know how her half turned out, but I liked mine.

My daughter, A., however, did NOT like coconut (surprise) and requested chocolate cake with pink frosting on top and chocolate frosting on the side. Very specific! So I made another cake (1/3rd of a 2 layer recipe, baked as a single layer in a smaller pan). Then I used raspberries and strawberries in a blender to make pink icing for the top. I took pictures and updated my chocolate cake recipe page.


I also got my hair cut today, and stopped into Acton Coffee Shop in its new location in West Acton. I got English Breakfast (in bags that claimed to be whole leaf, and certainly seemed like larger than the dust in most bags) tea and a piece of dairy-free pumpkin bread. It was yummy and the staff was very friendly about helping find something I could have.

I also received the Smart Keyboard to go with the iPad Pro 9.7 inch that I got recently. I like it! I'm able to set it in my lap to use it (altho of course then you are tipping your neck down a long ways, which probably isn't great for your neck) and while the clicks sound off from a usual clicking keyboard and the travel is bizarrely short for travel (but more than typing on glass, obviously!), and despite the smallness of the keys, I had no trouble at all typing at nearly full speed almost immediately. YMMV -- other reviewers found it tippy and had trouble typing at speed. It's not very heavy -- I don't think it's as heavy as the keyboard free folio case from Speck I was using as a temporary measure until the keyboard cover arrived. On first use, I like it better than any other tablet keyboard I've tried, and I've been buying these weird keyboards for most of two decades, because I started buying folding keyboards for a Treo Handspring and despite repeated disappointment in many of the choices -- especially Bluetooth, because they keep losing pairing randomly. The hard connection fixes the bluetooth problem. I had a Surface Pro for a while, and loved the screen, the stylus and the keyboard -- but I don't care for Windows.

I have not yet bought the Pencil, but I'm really thinking about it.
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