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Today's Activities Included: No Horse, No Lunch Out, Decluttering

Today, it snowed a little and was/is quite windy. However, the temperature is almost up to 40 degrees, so on one side of the house, the snow is already gone and the pavement in the driveway is dry -- without anyone doing a thing with a shovel, broom or blower. Nice! There's still some snow on the other side of the house, but the sun is on that side now so I feel some optimism.

The horse was canceled, due to "weather", which I interpret to mean: snow + wind equals painful, followed by thawing which equals mud. None of which is good for any of the participants.

T. had last night's leftovers for lunch today; he says we will go out to dinner tonight. He said Applebee's, but I'm gonna suggest a diversion, possibly to the Horseshoe.

In the meantime, I wasted a ludicrous amount of time trying to figure out what the heck happened to a track we bought on iTunes and which was on my phone but had disappeared from T.'s and wasn't showing on my Purchased listing (in Music OR in the iTunes store) anywhere (even got the drive out, hooked it up, and looked from the laptop). I finally just gave up and hit the Buy button, at which point it told me I'd already bought it. Well, _I_ knew that -- why wouldn't it show anywhere? [ETA: I figured it out -- it was "hidden", along with one other track. I have no idea who did this and I assume whatever it was was an accident. I will have to remember that as a thing to check next time something goes missing.]

I was so demoralized by the experience (altho relieved at having decided not to contact customer service) that I played iPad games for a while and snuggled with the kids. Then I got out the partially packed bag with A.'s summer clothes and got her to try a bunch of them on to figure out which were too small (none of them -- I apparently already got rid of the stuff likely to be too small in the spring), which were too big (none of them -- jersey knit is forgiving stuff). The crocs even still fit.

T.'s crocs, however, do not still fit. So we ordered replacements on Amazon. A couple days ago, I had pulled a bin of wooden track train toys out of the upstairs hall and handed them off to the babysitter (she has twin grandsons who are just about the right age for that). While I was at it, I took the now too small for anyone in the house exercise bike/video game thing and had R. put it in the van. Today, we added some sacks of clothes and the aforementioned too small crocs, a folding stroller, two folding toy strollers, a plastic stove, and a bag of tupperware, and T. and R. all headed out to Savers to donate the lot of it (alas, I forgot to get the bin full of bagged toys in the basement. Next time.).

The great thing about going through all the toys bins and matching up separated toys and figuring out what to get rid of, is the kids play with all the stuff they spend a lot of time ignoring. Cheap fun!
Tags: daily activities, decluttering
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