walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Alexa app

My kids have been messing around with Alexa again, which is fine, because we don't really use the Echo for anything particularly important. But I figured I should go in and delete a bunch of the random stuff they were adding to the shopping and to do lists. At this point, I realized, hey, this might be an even better shopping list than ListEase (which I got because it had Watch integration -- but it turned out not to be very compelling on the Watch so I only use it on the phone), and maybe I would actually use lists for remembering small tasks again (I quit a few months ago, because I just didn't have much going on after the holidays so I slacked), which is getting important again heading into mid April.

So far, it looks like you can add with voice, but not edit -- you have to go to the app for that, which is a reasonable design choice.
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