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Something Smells

I know it has been a few years, and I do recognize that it was state politics so if you don't live in the state in question, you may have forgotten, but allow me to remind you of this candidate, Carl Paladino, who mailed out some campaign flyers some years ago when he ran for governor. The flyers smelled like garbage (he also produced campaign materials with fecal themes):


Why am I bringing up Paladino now?

Well, he's stumping for Trump in NY. And let me tell you, it isn't easy finding reputable links on this topic.


Also, there's this:


Again, that article is from Paladino's campaign, when Haggerty was indicted. He has since been convicted, served his time, and is back out, again working for Paladino, this time in support of the Trump campaign.


I can't find a legit source for this bit, so I'm linking to the Daily Mail and I apologize in advance and I'll probably shower later just to feel clean again.


On the one hand, I do believe that people who make restitution, do their time, etc. often deserve another chance. On the other hand, yuck. Something smells.