walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Night's Honor_, Thea Harrison (elder races #7)

This is the 7th novel, but if you want the gory details on the reading order, go look at the author's website.

SPOILERS! Run away or the evil pariah Djinn will get you!

In this outing, a human on the run from Malphas (boy, he just keeps turning up, doesn't he?) auditions for a job as a Vampyre, er, something or other. There's a cattle call (har de har har) for aides, donors, wtf, and she participates. She watches the people who go on stage before her and the audience (non) response and is fairly pissed by the time she goes up, so she's very to the point (My looks are forgettable and I'm smarter than most of you) and walks off -- to be very surprised to get a next round interview with Xavier Del Torro himself, second in commond to Julian King of the Nightkind. She gets a 1 year probationary period and then next chunk of the novel (after the desperate collect her car and drive over to the estate and be patted down security check sequence) is a training sequence. She's quite young (20s) and we learn slowly a little of her background: degrees in accounting and computer science, used to work for a casino in Vegas (owned by Malphas, natch), foster kid, rigid internal code, not a lot of friends/not any significant support system. As one might expect from a person with a broken attachment system, as soon as she and Xavier start to get along, she feels bad at relying on him for her protection/putting him at risk from the Evil Djinn and is about to run. But he's no idiot and gets the story out of her -- antics ensue.

And indeed, they are antics! Harrison has gone to some trouble to think about the powers of her Powers, and what their limitations are, and how a wily human could get around them. And Harrison has a lovely, lovely sense of humor. The whole thing with the piece of paper and the envelope and the deal with Soren is truly priceless.

Violent aftermath unrelated to that deal, and there's quite a little cliffhanger at the end to set up the next book, which is apparently a war in Nightkind demesne, Justine v. Julian and who knows who else, but involving other races as well (inevitably).

I liked how Xavier really got to thinking about the giving blood "test", and how in the past, more were reluctant (as Tess is) and now they are right up there and ready to go -- and the balance of trust has really changed, where those humans willing to offer blood right from the beginning turn out not to be reliable or loyal. I'm hoping he gets a chance to rework the ritual to better accomplish what it once did.

This has been a surprisingly strong and consistent series, despite the variety of protagonists, the many romances, the novels and novellas, the sense of humor, etc. I'll be sad when I run out of books and am stuck waiting for the next one.
Tags: book review, paranormal fiction
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