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_Silkworm_, Robert Galbraith

Yes, you all know who Galbraith really is.

Oh and SPOILERS RUN AWAY or you will be included as a minor character in Bombyx mori.


This is the second novel featuring Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacott, and takes up not too long after the first one leaves off. Things are going better for Strike's business, but not perfect. Ellacott is about to get married, as is Charlotte. One of these weddings actually happens and it isn't the one you might think it would be.

The mystery starts out as a missing persons case and only turns into a murder mystery partway through. The cast of possible suspects and various ancillary hangers on work in the London publishing industry. Galbraith includes some really great red herrings. For example, the character in one of the Bombyx mori books who says they are going to sing but winds up barking, and then the character in _Silkworm_ who has a barking cough throughout the book -- turns out NOT to be salient! Well, okay, the _cough_ turns out to be salient, in much the same way that the gloved hands in that Ngaio Marsh novel turn out to be important. Which shows up in the other publisher who has very reddened hands I was so SURE was going to turn out not to be eczema or psoriasis but rather acid burns but no, that TOO was not salient.

There is a bit more backstory about how Strike lost his leg, and we see one of his half-brothers a couple times. Matthew also gets more meaningful on-screen time.

I read this for book group which is tonight, unless it gets canceled due to weather (possible -- my son's school was canceled and my daughter's school was 2 hours delayed). Unlike many book group selections, I was planning on reading this anyway (and, in fact, we read the first book for book group, too). I really enjoyed it, altho a lot of the descriptive imagery is super awful and creepy.

Not sure what to think about entry 3 in the series -- it has a serial killer apparently. And I am developing an allergy to serial killers in fiction.
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