walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Oh That's Why It Sounds Like Shells


All day yesterday and some of today, we've been hearing a lot of loud booms. I kept going, hunh. Is that someone blasting for road construction or whatever? Because that's a _lot_ of blasting. Sounds like a war zone. Sounds like shelling.

Whatever. Literally, that was my reaction. Whatever. R.'s reaction was to wonder where the blasting was going on so he could go get a better look about it. I'm still feeling so sick I just couldn't even be bothered.

Next, an email blast from someone in the neighborhood to everyone else in the immediate neighborhood (I should know better than to trust this crap) claimed to have called the police and it was _construction_ at For Devens. But it wasn't. It was, according to Boxboro dispatch:

"Our dispatch center has been overwhelmed with calls about sounds of what appear to be explosions. This is coming from the training facility on Devens. The armed forces will be conducting munitions training throughout the weekend and we would like to remind everyone that there is an active military reserve base close by and that this is a regular occurrence and it poses no threat to public safety."

Basically, get over it. You live near a military base. It's an active one. OF COURSE you're gonna be hearing shelling.

All rightee then. Apparently, I really can adjust to a very wide range of normal. Including a shocking lack of curiosity about artillery maneuvers.
Tags: daily activities
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