walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Side effects of Apple problem

So, in the course of trying AND FAILING to fix the problem buying the Shawn Mendes album, tech support at apple had me logging out and logging back into iTunes store on my son's phone. Somewhere in there, iTunes Match got turned off on his phone, and since then he has been complaining about all kinds of things. Tonight, he wanted a Kings of Leon song. I asked R. to download it. R. tried, couldn't find it in the listing and RATHER THAN TELL ME just rebought it. So now I've bought it twice (annoying) AND IT IS DOUBLE LISTED TRACK BY TRACK which is incredibly annoying all by itself.

I'm sick. All I want to do is lie around and watch mindless TV. I don't know why today had to be the day that every single fucking request had to revolve around the Apple iTunes store, which is now causing me to rethink all the complaints I've been dismissing about Apple customer service and having very, very negative thoughts about Dell's period in the wilderness and how, if you had faith and stayed invested in Dell during that whole period, you never really did get your money back because Mr. Dell took it private and the value never did recover.

Long AAPL since July 2004 (yeah, you read that right), but starting to rethink that for the first time ever.
Tags: daily activities
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