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Today's Activities Include: mall, lunch, return, bunny photos

A. and I went to Burlington Mall today. We started at Sears. If you read the news, you'd think that Sears was a complete dead zone with no customers. But if you actually walk into the one at Burlington Mall, there are people there, buying glasses at the optometry clinic, looking at clothes in the Lands' End section, checking out the exercise equipment. Of course the snow blowers are being snubbed, but there hasn't been that much snow this year and it's presumably on the downswing for the year anyway, so hardly surprising.

After returning the swimsuit bought online (the only item out of 6 I ordered which didn't work out, and I figured this would save me the return shipping charge), A. and I went to get bunny photos. She wanted a frame; I wanted digital photos. We did not buy prints, so I have had to recover my CVS password (I don't know why it thought the one I had in LastPass was no longer valid. *shrug* Turns out if you only have to round trip through email once every few months to recover a password, it is way less maddening than when you are doing it nearly every day. I love a good password manager). We'll go pick it up in about an hour and maybe get some graham crackers at the same time.

After we had the frame and CD with photos, we went to Rainforest Cafe for lunch. Even tho we were there slightly before noon, there was a ten minute wait -- no big deal. After lunch, we went to Build-a-Bear, where A. got a Cheer Bear (who knew Care Bears had been rebooted by Netflix? Who? Now I need to re-up my Netflix sub, apparently).

Between the tricked out Cheer Bear (with scent, heart with sound, and care bear theme song sound), the frame at Noerr photos, and lunch, I spent more at the mall than I will be getting back from the swimsuit return.

Which will be good for the economy, I guess?

It's a little bizarre that malls have so thoroughly made this transition to selling experiences along with consumer goods. I would never have expected them to succeed in this, nor would I have predicted that it would look quite like this.
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