walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Shoveling the White Stuff

Winter has finally arrived. We've had snow a few times, but nothing that lasted. This has the look of it'll-be-here-till-March. Round one was disgusting, crunchy, icy. Nasty to shovel. Nasty to walk out. Sort of a crust, until you hit a weak spot and went down a few more inches. I had to deal with that one, as Roland was at work. Fortunately, my neighbor across the street took pity on me and my shovel and brought his blower over to do the top of the drive and the back-around spot, which I was just going to leave untouched as I'd gotten too tired. We need a new snowblower. The current one was bought used and is only two years younger than I am, vibrates like mad. I can't stand to touch it, much less muscle it around. First things first, however. Now that the AC (last August) and generator (barely wired before the snow flew) are up and running, a new washer and dryer have been ordered. Hopefully these will not destroy my clothes and I can go back to my wicked, clothes-horse ways. Well, at least look a bit less of a slob than I have these past few months.

Round two of the snow is better. Crystalline, powdery. A pretty layer on the more solid base. Best of all, it happened on a Saturday, so Roland dealt with it.

The holidays were hectic. A trip out to Seattle, which was fun, but I'd had a cold since before Thanksgiving (probably three colds, really), which was less fun. Then return, and waves of nausea, not keeping food down and generally feeling awful. Which is why I've been suspiciously quiet and ungenerous this Christmas. We went to the Jersey shore for Christmas, met by my sister, Roland's mom, his brother, one of his sister's and all of those people's respective families. We spent New Year's at a friend's party in Boston and other than that I've been a complete slug, just trying not to lose any more weight. Yeah, never thought I'd say that.

We got the dance pads and DDR out yesterday and exhausted ourselves happily while looking like utter idiots. Physical learning is unattractive but joyous. I've been reading a ton, and playing Gauntlet again. Next project: plan Madison's visit. And maybe go snowshoeing.
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