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Chuck Schumer wants to regulate seat pitch


On the one hand, the way you bring the price down on a product so that more people can afford it is you lightweight, reduce size, etc. So a world that requires all chocolate bars to weight at least a full ounce, and to have a minimum amount of cocoa solids, is a world where fewer people get to experience chocolate at all. On the other hand, Schumer has a valid point about sardines.

I don't fully understand the implications of seat pitch on health. So, for example, if you could convincingly show that being stuck in a short seat pitch seat for a cross country flight doubles your chance of dying or having severe health consequences from deep vein thrombosis, I think you could probably justify minimum seat pitch on longer flights. If, for example, short seat pitch seats were resulting in a greater amount of in flight crazy times (mental health triggers that end in the flight having to land unexpectedly early to debark the person who Just Couldn't Take It Any More) that were a threat to the safety of everyone on board that flight, that would be a solid argument for deeper seat pitch.

Another question I have: when people are trying to get seats with more leg room, are they consistently available? I haven't had a lot of trouble, when I planned ahead. If you _can_ get more leg room when you need it, the need for regulation would seem to be reduced. But if you cannot get more leg room when you need it (that is, if there are a lot of passengers willing to pony up for more leg room, but they can't buy it at any price), that's another solid reason to regulate more seat space -- or at least apply some pressure to airlines to provide more seats with greater leg room for those who need it.

ETA: My husband points out evac issues. Someone else has gone into this in considerably more detail than me!


Read it -- it's really worth your time. Also, slightly terrifying.
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