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Fantastic article about one of the sweetest kink couples


H.P. knows Mollena, and I get updates from her periodically and saw some of the wedding photos that circulated, and before that, some photos of them as a couple. They are, easily, two of the most adorable people in kink.

I particularly love this paragraph:

"Mr. Haas contrasted the effect on his style to the struggles of Schubert and Tchaikovsky with homosexuality. “What you perceive is not the fact that they desired men,” he said, “but the sadness about the impossibility to make love a reality. And I think that has been part of my music. The fundamental pessimism. You never will get what you want because it’s not possible to get it. That is how my life has changed so intensely.”"

Mollena has been teaching this, and living this, for a long while. I love that she has now attained an even better platform to communicate how important it is for people to be able to love who they love, in the way that they give and receive love.

I am amazed that I woke up today to an NYT article about this couple. It is reassuring that, however one might feel about the attitudes of some groups within our society, as a whole, the arc of history is headed in the right direction.
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