walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: Dutch lesson, sick kid

One of the weirder side effects of H.P. being between assignments and my kids being sick is that I have my daily convo with H.P. earlier in the day (typically during an afternoon or evening walk) and the kids go to bed early. I actually have the time and interest to watch TV _when it airs_ as opposed to later on the Tivo. Or much closer to when it airs, anyway. So I watched NCIS:LA and Castle yesterday and NCIS today. Fun!

My son went to school today, and it stuck long enough for me to get down to Arlington for my Dutch lesson. I got email from his teacher after I arrived (sent while I was driving down), so I told her I could pick him up at 1:30 and that was fine. So _one_ thing didn't get canceled this week. R. spent the day at home, sleeping and then working from home because he's got it, not, too.

A. sounds sick tonight so I am not optimistic about tomorrow. T. is better.
Tags: daily activities

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