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Airline seating

Usually, when a story about airline seating makes the rounds, it's a negative. But sometimes, it's a pipe dream -- or something that will actually exist, but only in markets I'm unlikely to ever experience (so, for example, the row of seats that makes up as a bed, that is/was only a reality on very long haul flights like to Australia, also known as cuddle class in a related configuration).

In today's pipe dream:


Instead of three seats in a row, a bench seat that could be three seats for median adults, two median adult seats and space for two small children in between, or two seats for substantially larger than median adults. Or, you know, people who just hate touching the person next to them, but don't want to pony up for business/first.

Kind of a cool idea. Doubt I'll ever see it in reality, and in any event, my kids are already bigger than the Very Small Child range anyway.