walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: feeling sick, horse, lunch, sundry IT tasks

T. and I both sound terrible today, so while we were supposed to go out to dinner with friends, I have canceled/rescheduled, because they have a baby daughter and we don't want her to get whatever this is. Maybe it is allergies, but I sort of doubt it; the allergy meds aren't touching it for either of us.

We did, however, all go to the horse. My phone call today canceled (sad face -- looking forward to next week), so we went to lunch a little early. At the horse, T. was the only rider in his group of three (school vacation week and/or they have cold too -- I don't know which). So no parents for me to chat with. I continued reading an awful book about politics by Doug Schoen (review _may_ follow, but I may just give up. I'm reading it because it is about third party candidates/independent candidates and he has worked with Bloomberg in the past so it seems timely altho in practice, it mostly makes me think bad things about the author) and when it got too awful, I played Farmville 2: Country Escape.

By the time I got home, I was actually interested in doing just about anything else. Since A. only wanted to watch animal pooping videos on the computer, I couldn't play with her. I went upstairs, collected some items to go out to a new home, other items to be recycled, finished putting away some laundry (the dry flat stuff), and brought my oldest kindle downstairs to do the update. Then I did the kindle update. After that, since I'm giving the Chromebook away to someone on Monday, I Powerwashed the Chromebook, and then reconnected it to our network to make it easier for the person picking it up tomorrow to set it up here, if they need help doing that (I'm betting that I will wind up doing that for them).

We passed the toy grocery cart along to friends earlier in the week, so a good week for getting items out of the house that we no longer use, but have life left in them.
Tags: daily activities

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