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Recent Activities Include: catching up from Thursday to Sunday

On Thursday, we had two sitters, so R. and I went to Bondir. This time, I just ordered a Belmont Stakes to drink. Usually, I'll order any interesting whisky drink, but I've decided that at least at Bondir, it is so hard to beat the Belmont Stakes that I'm not even going to bother any more. I ultimately had two, which may have been a slight mistake, but was certainly an enjoyable one.

The kohlrabi vegetable thing was amazing, however I think the duck may have been even better. Tough call. Pumpkin soup was great. Salad was great. They had sorbet for dessert and we could have had three scoops but I asked for one in particular and invited them to surprise me for the rest of it. It came out on a stack of other stuff that included a bunch of marmalade they make in house, and they were kind enough to produce another slice of chocolate bread upon request. O. M. G. Yum.

Okay, so that's not a surprise; Bondir is always awesome.

On Friday, I had coffee at Main Street Market in Concord with two lovely ladies from UCS, one I had met before a couple years back. Fantastic conversation, and the promise of more to come in future months.

Friday afternoon, we drove out to Great Wolf Lodge in Fitchburg. We had fun, the boys in the water park, A. and I played mini golf and bowling and she rode the frog hopper. We had dinner in the Lodge Bar (all 4 of us). Cold Snap is one of Sam Adams' better seasonals. Sure, it is very, very middle of the road, but a tasty middle of the road.

Saturday morning, we skipped gymnastics for A. in favor of doing the ropes course, bowling, mini golf, wackamole, etc. The boys had lunch at Julie's Place; we hung out at home. T. and I had dinner at the Littleton Sub Shoppe/Pub on the Common. They, too, will make a really, really good Makers' Mark Manhattan upon request (their standard manhattan involves Jim Beam). Altho I'm not sure what they are doing, my lips were a little numb by the end of it. I had pizza -- their crust and sauce have no milk products so I can have pizza without cheese.

Today it is Wicked Cold TM. I think we set some records because it was below zero. Not below _freezing_ -- that's banal and typical. No, below zero fahrenheit. I got the long underwear out. Because the drafts start to get brutal at that point. Lots of icicles under the kitchen hood this morning, dripping into pans on the stove when the heat came up.

I had a great phone conversation with my friend K., in which she told me about a guy she used to date who had mennonite grandparents from Kansas! We could have been cousins. But it's just as well she decided they were too nutty, because I love her kids. Then T. and I went to Applebee's, even tho the horse was canceled due to the Wicked Cold TM.

It's Valentine's Day, so T. and I stopped at the Paper Store to buy cards.

Oh, and I read a great book, _Modern Romance_, Aziz Ansari review to follow. But if it takes a while to review it, don't wait, just go read the damn thing. It's a blast and very insightful, even if you aren't on the market and never expect to be again it'll help you make sense of what your single friends are talking about.
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