walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Weird rant against apple

h/t Nate Hoffelder posted the link on twitter


Short form: writer (sounds like about my age) spills beer on laptop, replaces laptop, laptop has newer OSX, icons too small. Changes screen resolution, gets frustrated, rant ensues.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why she didn't just resize the icons. That feature has been present for at least since Yosemite. Instead, she says some dismissive things about the accessibility features (NOT where the icon resize feature can be found, altho there may be something handy over there, too):

"I might not notice these slightly fascist tendencies if I were sharp-sighted, fit, properly trained to the modern OS and also young and therefore unable to personally remember a looser, more democratic regime of computational life. But I will never be a marathon runner, and it seems odd that a computer technology is confronting us with biological handicaps just for the sake of consistent software design."

Fascist? Really? Wow. The bar for fascism has really dropped.

I don't see any obvious solution anywhere in the piece to the problem as she has framed it (that is, I don't think she has an alternate product in mind). Finding obscure settings to adjust things to your liking has been the case at least since the mid 1980s. It's _possible_ that she remembers earlier computers than that. But I think much before that, you didn't get to adjust a lot of stuff.

I feel like a person who spills beer on a laptop, then can't find the icon resize (took me about 10 seconds), and then calls Apple fascist, is maybe someone who should step away from the computer, go for a walk, do something about the hangover, talk to a friend, I don't know.

Of course, I say that as a person who dropped her fairly new iphone 6S into a toilet, and was very surprised that it didn't stop working at any point. I didn't even have to rice it, altho it was convinced there was jack in the headphones slot for a couple hours, due to moisture in there. And that's a tough place to get a drying agent into (I was reluctant to slide a grain of rice in there -- seemed risky). I was able to use speaker phone throughout, or listen to it through actual headphones using the jack or bluetooth. Naturally, I'm inclined to feel charitable to a company which produces a product _that_ forgiving of my stupidity and absentmindedness after the end of a long walk that I took, talking to a friend, to ratchet my brain back to a reasonably calm and sane place.

I have definitely noticed -- like some of the commenters -- that the complaints about apple have been increasing over time. Of course, so has their installed base. I'm assuming these bear some relationship to each other.

Full disclosure: Long apple since 2004.

ETA: I harbor a suspicion that my moisture problem with the phone jack may well be why Apple is interested in eliminating the audio jack entirely in future designs. But it is only a suspicion and I could be talked out of it quite easily.

ETAYA: Hey, even I am not so self-centered as to think apple cares about what I did to my phone. When I say, "my moisture problem", I mean, I bet this kind of thing is taking up some time in customer service, at the genius bar, etc.

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