walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Amsterdam's "Night Mayor"


Cities are often quite busy well into the night. Policy makers generally are the sort of people who go home to families and go to bed earlier so they can get up in the morning and make important decisions. Alas, that leaves them ill prepared to make appropriate tradeoffs and entirely without data to come up with creative solutions. Without any "power", Amsterdam's "night mayor" has the right background to understand both the lively night time scene and the way policy makers think and make decisions, and is providing a bridge that helps the many, many people who share space in an urban center ... get along.

I _love_ that the article initially focused on, when people arrive late in the city, you can't get a restaurant meal. But even more important I think is the 24 hour club solution that still lets people in the heart of the city get some sleep.
Tags: our future economy today, politics

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