walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

let's dish

Scheduled for the 19th. It'll be a bit of a drive down to Burlington. I'm hoping to carpool with one (or more) of the people I'll be doing this with so the drive would count towards social time.

Let's Dish is a meal prep place, which a friend in Everett looooovvves (well, I think she does Dream Dinners, but it's the same idea). I have the usual concerns: milk products (they do list ingredients online and you can modify to some degree when you assemble), sodium (more of a problem: can leave out salt; don't have low-sodium broth and other substitutes that I would have at home; The Stocked Fridge, my second attempt at this, is willing to have low sodium broth available for an appointment if I ask ahead of time) and shellfish. The shellfish are more easily avoidable, but it's surprising how many of the dishes involve one or more of my concerns. Each dish serves 6 (at Let's Dish) and you have to sign up for a minimum of 4, so this is essentially a Once a Month Cooking exercise with someone else doing prep.

On a whim (I should be a lot more careful about these) I checked out wheeled coolers, since these are the canonical transport devices for this activity. Amazon has a big Coleman Xtreme (62 qt) for $39.99. I almost bought it instantly, and eventually caved after 5 minutes of discussing it with R. It claims it'll keep ice for 5 days at 90 degrees, which makes it a car camping tool. A really good car camping tool.

We watched an episode of Holmes on Homes today. I have apparently found My Home Improvement Show. Wow. The guy working the Jewelstone was An Artist.

I feel a cold coming on, but Teddy seems to be feeling better.

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