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Today's Activities Include: swim lessons

Monday is Swim Lessons. My son has his lesson so close to when he gets out of school that I don't risk having him wind up with a long ride home; I pick him up, hand him off to the sitter and then wait for A. to arrive home. Then I cajole A. into getting out of the house and we head off for her lesson, which is an hour after his. We usually swim a little together in the pool, often with Ted, after his lesson and before hers, because she isn't allowed in the regular pool by herself because she doesn't have her green band yet.

So, we're swimming.


And then we're out of the pool, off the deck and huddling in the changing area, awkwardly trying to figure out at what point we concede to the obvious, which is that our lesson will be canceled. Because how heartless do you have to be to expect staff to go back to work after that? No one is that heartless (I hope). But I didn't want to be so heartless as to nag.

After a bit, my son's teacher and my daughter's teacher escort someone crying into the changing area, retrieve some belongings, try to figure out some other stuff. I get confirmation that there will be no lessons at this point, and we get dressed to leave. On the way out, I touched everyone I knew there on the shoulder and wished them good luck, because what on earth else do you do? I did not have a lot of hope for the outcome, because we got out of there before she had been transported, and that amount of time lapse made me wonder.

I'm glad to hear that the result was not a transport and pronounce. I hope from the bottom of my heart for the best possible outcome for this person and her loved ones. She got very prompt and effective attention at the pool. The swim team's practice was cut short, and I overheard their coach (?) using this moment to advocate that everyone learn CPR and keep their certification up to date whether their job requires it or not. Good advice, and some I should probably follow myself. I haven't done the course since before the kids were born, and I really should go do it again.

ETA: Press Release at Concord Police PR blog


ETAYA: My husband points to this in a comment:


A wonderful outcome! I'm so happy her family felt comfortable sharing a little with us, so that we could hear that the result here is not what we were fearing.
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