walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

nth call to Tivo

Well, we've got the right name, but the first guy I talked to was not real competent. He handed me off to a specialist (5 minute wait) only after 30+ minutes of waiting on hold, I gave up because the kid was getting quite antsy.

R. tried calling, on his cell so he could use the earbud (dunno why he couldn't just stick the cordless on speaker). He passed it off to me when it came off hold and I was well on my way when _the damn call got dropped_. Grrr.

Back on hold. This is infuriating.

All right. That guy was competent. The outstanding bill of $12 and change has been paid. I have a case number, and am now waiting for the specialist or whatever who can actually move a service number from one account to another.

I suppose the good news is that my inbox has shrunk dramatically, since that's a task that is compatible with a high level of rage and highly interruptible.

Update: a few more phone calls later (let's see: gave up after 45 minutes; accidentally dropped a call switching from speaker to regular -- my bad; then it was late enough that I actually started getting through quickly), I learned that I'd have to cancel the box off one account and start it on another account. Which we did. We are now able to get the schedule going forward (that was from bringing the old account up to date) AND use the online features. Lucky us; we'll be able to watch Tivo'd stuff on our laptops. BOTH of our laptops. Neato.

And despite some screaming, R. and I still love each other. He's a great husband.

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