walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: sick kid at home

I figured it was her half day, and last night she was coughing all over me. So, I didn't wake her up (and intercepted R. who, in his half awake state, was about to wake her up) and let her sleep until she woke up on her own after 10 a.m. She's still coughing, but not as bad. I canceled her play therapy, and gave the sitter a heads up (she elected to avoid the germs).

She's been binge watching Curious George, and occasionally asking for things. Other than food items, she has asked for: her calculator (which took over an hour to track down) and "beauty shop at home", which means, please get out hair clips and do something with my hair. I took advantage of that to comb her hair. I tried brushing it, but she's pretty resistant (we haven't done either of these in a really long time), so I finger combed for a while, then got a comb out and did it right. I attempted a braid, but her hair is short and determined and I was reluctant to deploy product or even wet her hair, so that failed. We resorted to the lambie hair clips and a low pony instead.
Tags: daily activities
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