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In Which I Watch TRMS and Catch Some Political News

HRC endorsed, er, HRC. That is, the Human Rights Campaign endorsed Clinton. This is not too surprising. While the alternative has mostly the same positions as Clinton, he can't actually remember the name of HRC consistently -- he gets the first couple words right, but reliably flubs the third. Which is a little weird, if you ask me.

Planned Parenthood has also endorsed Clinton.

Rachel Maddow asked Senator Sanders about how he felt about this. Sanders called organizations like the "Newman Rights Fund" (that's a phonetic spelling of how he pronounces human, and it's really closer to nyoooman) and PP members of the Establishment which he is in opposition to. Once again, Sanders demonstrates that he has lost track of precisely which decade he is living in, with this little blast back to the days where whenever somebody said anything about you that you didn't much care for, you could just call them The Man and everyone in the room would go, Yeah! HRC (both) and PP are not overjoyed about this tactic. Everyone has taken to twitter.

In other news, Jeb Bush has sent people in New Hampshire and Iowa a video brochure/video greeting card. TRMS and the twitterverse alike are aghast at the spend spend spend of the campaign.

Here is where you can buy a video brochure/video greeting card:


Oh, you just wanted one? That'll cost you more per unit, but less overall.


That one is $40 when I write this, but there are others in the $20 range.

If you go to alibaba, and are willing to order direct from Shenzhen (which I assume the Bushies were willing to do because Reasons), you can get the per unit price down to about $6 and the minimum order is a hundred.

The Jeb Bush people apparently sent out a few hundred of these total, and got tons o' media coverage of having done so -- you can find youtube videos of people opening theirs. I'm pretty sure they got excellent bang for their buck with this purchase, bonus, added, all those people saying, the horror! Fiscally irresponsible purchasing by a candidate! look like they are way out of date on the tech. Bush's people have taken pains to say they spent 4 figures on the whole shebang, but you'd never know it by the pearl clutching online. I can't honestly tell if the TRMS staff has Lost It completely, or if they can read who their demographics are and figure that if you are watching a TV show, you have no idea what anything costs any more anyway, because you are Old.

I am, definitely, Old. Or at least well into middle age. However, my fingers are still spry enough to do a little fact checking. I am not amused by the pearl clutching.


WaPo coverage of someone in NH who is SO New Hampshire-esque he describes the video card as iPad-esqe. That's right up there with thinking Chinet is Lenox-esque (proof that I can't spell -- I thought it was Chinette, only that didn't look right, and I initially spelled Lenox with two n's. *sigh*).


Look, if you want to complain about the environmental implications of this particular swag, I'm prepared to sit here and listen intently and nod right along with you. Altho we're then gonna have to talk about all that goddamn paper that has characterized political campaigns since forever.
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