walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

second call to Tivo

A couple years ago, a good friend of mine sent us a Tivo with a couple years prepaid. Wow. Don't know how we lived without it before, honestly, but I'm reasonably certain we watched less of what we wanted to be watching and more of what we could just barely stand.

Anyway, some months ago, R. attempted to use some of the online account management features and was utterly defeated. Totally unable to track down the account for our Tivo, despite having the service number. Today, the Tivo gave us a message that we were past due on the account and it would be shut down in 13 days. I called the number, waited on hold a long time, and basically got told they couldn't help us, since that service number was associated with someone else's name, address and phone number, and we couldn't come up with any of them.

Next step: call friend. Since friend's husband used to work for Tivo, they gave several people Tivo's. It took a while to figure out what name this thing might be listed under, but we have a working theory including a name, number and address, some or all of which we hope match.

I'm sitting on hold again, waiting to find out.

In the meantime, I'm in the middle of _Microtrends_. The name author works for Burson Marsteller (readers of Stauber and Rampton recognize that company and do not have fond associations with PR in general or them in particular), and invented the term "Soccer Moms". Eh. Could be worse. He could have been the guy who came up with "Security Moms". In any event, some of the 2-3 pages descriptions of small but potentially influential trends are a lot more interesting than others (and some are a lot more accurate than others, as well). For a guy who claims to be all about the numbers, it is distressing to see him claiming that air travel is safer than car travel, a statement that hasn't been true for quite a while now.

He is _truly_ a diversity guy. That's nice.

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