walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: a walk, and very little else

A. is a little under the weather (low fever, cough, doesn't really want to do much) and hanging out on the couch. She's alternating between binge watching Curious George and dying repeatedly while playing Minecraft. I'm actually kind of impressed by how she is both emotionally engaged with the game enough to find it stressful to be attacked by a monster and then die, she's also showing enough resilience (and confidence enough in respawning) that she's sticking with it. She's become _very_ focused on getting back to shelter when it is dark. Who knew that Minecraft had a moral universe that Not So Subtly encourages vegetarian eating and getting to bed at a reasonable hour? (It even has some roommate rules embedded in it!)

T. and R. went skating; R. got enough time going around in circles on the ice to be twitchy for the rest of the evening. I got a long walk and dropped some stuff off at the Middle Class Guilt Reduction Station. I packed up some more things to go into the bins today, but if the past is any indicator, it could take me weeks to get the next batch out. But at least that batch is in a bin in the basement, instead of stacked in the upstairs hallway.

I'm reading a memoir by an EMT turned paramedic in Atlanta. It's morbidly awesome and _very_ funny, altho YMMV. What the author (and, apparently, I) find(s) funny and what you find vomit-inducing could be one and the same.
Tags: daily activities

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