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Today's Activities Include: snow pants, jeans, watch update

My son has been out in the snow already this year, so we've already been through the, where are the snow boots? Where are the snow pants? Are there any _other_ snow pants? Okay, let's order some more. dance. However, today is the first day where I looked outside and went, hmm, better get some snow pants out for my daughter, because there's at least a chance of outdoor recess today/tomorrow, but not if she doesn't have snow pants.

Of course I had already gotten rid of the potentially appropriate size snow pants from her brother (which is not nuts -- the boys pants fit differently from the girls pants and between that and wanting everything pink, it just rarely works out well. Also, he can be very hard on his clothes.) as Way Too Small (unless I turn them up in the next few weeks, but I think I've already passed them along). And of course last year's snow pants were a little too small for her this year. However, the overalls turned out to work great -- I think those were from K.C. in Seattle, so THANK YOU once again for the lovely things you have passed along to my daughter. I also ordered a pair of pink Marmots, because the overalls are a little short so if she shoots up much more, they won't work for much longer. It was surprisingly difficult to find pink snow pants in her size; I tried REI, Columbia's website, Amazon -- I'd find pairs but they'd be out in her size. Weird.

I did have the presence of mind to put snow boots on her Xmas wish list, and she got them so yay for that.

I got the order of jeans from Lee last night. They have a Flex line of jeans that has four way stretch. My son likes jeans that fit fairly close along his leg, but he does not fit into the waist of many of these jeans. But while husky jeans (+3 inches in the waist and hip) can be belted in to stay on, they don't fit close at all, typically. The Lee husky straight, however, is magical: it fits close along the leg, but is about right in the waist and hip. You can get them at Kohl's, altho I bought them through the Lee website, because when I saw them at Kohl's, they didn't have his size in dark blue, and he hates black which they did have. We had already tried on a dozen or more different pairs of jeans at Kmart, and almost that many at TJMax (both stores in our town) without any luck.

I've been running the software update on my Watch for at least 20 minutes now. This does not make me happy. When is it gonna be done? I need to head out in 10 minutes, and I'd like to take my phone with me.
Tags: apple watch, daily activities
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