walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Overtreated_ by Brownlee

Wow. I was looking for this book 2-3 years ago. I found Elliot Fisher. He recommended _Should I Be Tested for Cancer?_ which I loved, but wasn't precisely what I was looking for. And now I have the backstory on Fisher and the rest of the folks at Dartmouth.

Brownlee has done an amazing job of analyzing how we wound up with such fantastically bad, inequitable and expensive health care. Furthermore, she's gone one further: proposed a believable strategy for improving it. It includes my strategy (impose the hospital HMO model a la Kaiser, Group Health and the VA system, sorta, across the country), but rather than mandating that one model, she'd found other approaches that also work well (very large group practices that own hospitals, e.g. Intermountain (?) and the Mayo Clinic). Wennberg supplies some ideas for how to change Medicare reimbursement over a decade to encourage people to switch over to those models and to allow them to share in the monetary savings that result and redirect those monies to stuff that improves care.

I doubt one could recommend this book too strongly. I just wish it had been proofed a little better; there are some annoying errors.

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