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Holiday Cards

I've already mailed on big batch of holiday cards and hand delivered a few more. Today, I worked on the photo mailers (we get photos of the kids and nice prints earlier in the year, and I send them out to siblings, cousins, etc.). I _ran out of holiday cards_. That is, of the Snapfish cards. I foolishly ordered 100, when clearly, I should have gotten the usual 125 or whatever that I've done previous years. *sigh* I re-ordered and made sure to order the return address on the envelope this time, because the first order came without and I had to hand write them all (which I am not complaining about, altho it is kind of a lot after a while). Turns out that I ordered the first batch with pre-printed return address. Snapfish just failed to fulfill that part of the order.

We'll see what happens with round two. I upgraded the shipping to 2 days; hopefully I'll get it before the 24th. Altho they aren't explicitly Christmas cards, so late is okay.