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A bit more about cars

I noticed after I got my car back, post software update to fix CEL (so far so good -- it hasn't come on again yet, but only time will tell), that I no longer had a feature I Truly Love: speed limit information. I poked around on google and in the manual but couldn't find anything to try, so I called the service department today. This time, I asked for the guy that I've been talking to since I first ordered the car, and who is very friendly, but who normally does not interact with customers (they have an additional layer between the guys who do the work and the customers). The woman who answered the phone for the service department was hesitant when she asked, "The shop foreman?" I said, "Is that possible?" She said, I'll see. She came back and said he hadn't responded to a page and might not be in yet, so asked if I wanted to talk to one of the normal layer. I asked for the very nice man I've seen the last couple times (he introduced me to another orange i3 owner -- the i3 is orange, not the owner -- and that customer and I now trade greetings through him, because we are clearly The Same People) and left him voice mail.

The whole day went by, and as I was sitting in the parked car about to get me and A. out for her swim lesson, the phone rang and it was S., the shop guy. He walked me through the settings I needed to access -- a dead simple change and I feel slightly foolish for not figuring it out on my own, but he didn't make me feel foolish at all, just said it probably got reset by the software update -- after making sure I was in the car, not currently driving, and had a minute.

I really have to remember the importance of Names. I don't need to know the names when I'm interacting with the person, but if I can manage to remember someone's Name, I can get to them again via other random people who answer phones. I'm not sure why it has taken me this long to learn this lesson, but hey, better late than never, amirite?
Tags: daily activities, transportation

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