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Today's Activities Include: Cars

I took my car in early this morning to get a loaner, so my car could have its annual inspection done and also receive a software update that (we hope, but don't believe) will once and for all fix the Check Engine Light coming on randomly problem. I drove about a mile and 3/4s, then all four low pressure in the tire indicators came on. I pulled over, called the dealer and they very nonchalantly suggested I drive back and have more air put in. I almost drove home, but felt like if something _was_ really wrong, it would look bad. So I barely made it home before A. had to go to school; it's a good thing I got there before she left because R. had forgotten to remind her.

So I'm driving a car without the comforts of my own car (like programmed garage door opener buttons, traffic information, satellite radio, etc.), but it is still an i3 Rex, so at least it _drives_ right.

Speaking of cars, if by any chance you were thinking we've found out everything that VW got up to in terms of evading emissions, there has been further reporting:


"In the email, the VW executive wrote that automakers “cannot agree to a regulation including undefined topics like cold start or high speed,” adding that both “must be deleted.”"

Entertainingly, VW characterizes this exchange as follows.

"Fred Baerbock, a spokesman for Volkswagen, said in a statement that the email sent by the VW executive to the commission last year was “part of the normal exchange of expertise that is part of every lawmaking in the E.U.” He said it was sent by the Volkswagen executive on behalf of the automakers’ trade group during technical discussions and “should not qualify” as lobbying by Volkswagen."

Normal could use a little adjusting.
Tags: daily activities, transportation

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