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In this case, I refer to this:


I was looking at books by Linehan or where she was listed as an editor/co-author. Several comments referred to ACT, and I went, what the heck is that? Basically, if you take the Milton Erickson -> Bandler and Grinder -> wtfery, rip out Erickson's Let's Make Everyone a Member of a Heteronormative Family and, instead of leaving a total absence of values, insert a sort of Buddhist thing, you'd get ACT. Language oriented observation that a lot of people are busy avoiding/suppressing/trying to destroy their internal convo and that has bad effects. Their internal convo is quite painful, and they need help tolerating it. Unlike other CBT approaches, there is no assumption of underlying health, nor is there a goal of "control".

Seems pretty amazing. I am very excited to learn more! Anyone run across anyone involved in this as a clinician, patient, family member or friend assisted by the approach, etc.?