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Today's Activities Include: Dutch lesson, 5 miles walking, Rapscallions, two babysitters

I will note that discussing the current political debate about Syrian refugees is a whole lot more interesting when conducted in Dutch with someone who has a really solid understanding of the range of political opinion on the topic and the history of the region which led us to the current impasse.

I walked a mile with M. I walked a mile with my husband. And I did the 3 mile loop. As I am reading _NeuroTribes_, I am a little bummed to discover that _yet another thing_ I thought was just one of my idiosyncrasies and nothing to do with being spectrum-y turned out to be utterly characteristic of being on the spectrum. It is astonishing to realize how many people like me have settled on a long walk along the same path every day to be a satisfying part of life.

R. and I went to Rapscallions, where I had two chickpea fritters. They were yummy, similar to but not precisely the same as the Hoppin' John fritters you can (or could, at any rate) get at Cafe Flora in Seattle (or make based on the recipe in their cookbook). Alas, I'd already snacked on coleslaw and bean sprout salad.

We got to go on a walk and out to eat without kids because we had two babysitters. I sure like two babysitters. So do the kids. And the sitters seem happy with the situation. I'm sure something will come along to disrupt this domestic paradise, but right at the moment, I'm enjoying it.

[Multiple edits to correct spelling and grammatical errors. Maybe I should go take a nap.]
Tags: daily activities
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