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Fall Florida Trip Report: Magic Kingdom, flight home

For those of you paying attention to all the trip reports, you may have noticed that during the first 6 days of this trip, we did a different park every single day. Today was our first repeat: MK. And I'm really glad we went, even tho by this point, I just wanted to lie in bed until checkout, go to the airport and hangout in an airport restaurant playing on my iPad or reading on my kindle.

This was easily the best park day -- it was finally NOT insanely and unexpectedly crowded. It was supposed to be a 4 and wound up a 5, but this was a considerable improvement over Epcot the day before (predicted 3, got a 7). We started out doing Splash Mountain and Big Thunder (2x on both, and only one of those an FP). We got soaked and A. wanted a change of clothes (which I forgot to bring into the park). We went on Pirates, cause we were wet already then bought her a sundress (same as the one we bought at AK a few days earlier) at Agribah Bazaar. We did PeopleMover, then had lunch at Cosmic Ray's. We did Buzz 2x, once standby and once on our very last FP, before heading out to return the rental car.

We ran into my sister's family as we were headed to the monorail and did hugs. Then we ran into them again when we were all returning rental cars. Pretty cool for unplanned!

Flight was uneventful. Car service was prompt. It was chilly, but above freezing. Bags came out at baggage claim early in the process and clumped together.

All in all, an amazingly smooth trip. If I had it to do over, I would have set up the dinner with uncle H. earlier, gotten a babysitter, and told R. he didn't need to come to Chef Mickey's with us (the noise level in there is insane). Oh, and ordered a lot fewer groceries. But it was a great trip. I'm sure my husband would disagree, but I'm already looking forward to the next one.
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