walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Fall Florida Trip Report: Epcot, Chef Mickey's

Today we went to Epcot. We all went on Test Track at the beginning of the day, because we got there for rope drop. (Today and yesterday, my sister's family and I were touring different parks.) Then A. and I did Spaceship Earth, which was a disaster. A. didn't answer the last question in time for the part at the end and she had a screaming meltdown. *sigh*

We tried to go on Figment's Journey, but it had a half hour wait, so we bailed out, walked back to the hotel, swam, hung out.

We had a 5ish reservation at Chef Mickey's. This started out kind of rocky, but wound up being okay (note to self: when checking in at the restaurant, don't let any of the rest of my party join me at the host stand. Because the people I hang out with think they have something to contribute to this interaction AND THEY REALLY FUCKING DO NOT. And their efforts to contribute to this interaction interfere with my ability to negotiate my allergy communication, making it tougher for me and the restaurant. Also, CORRECTING AN HONEST ERROR ABOUT HOW OLD ONE OF THE KIDS IS COSTS ME MONEY. Yeah, yeah, I know, autism. But still. Just go chill out somewhere else and let me do the checkin. I've worked this job. I know how to do this.).

My sister even convinced my daughter to eat, which is a minor miracle.
Tags: daily activities, trip report
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