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Fall Florida Trip Report: Magic Kingdom, Morimoto Asia

We went to the Magic Kingdom today. Again, we were there with my mother-in-law and with my sister and her family. We were largely unsuccessful at hooking up for rides, however, we all had lunch together at Cosmic Ray's, which was fantastic. We had three tables close to each other and we took our time about it.

Since it was Saturday, and it was a beautiful warm day, it was bound to be crowded (also: park open until midnight). But it was actually kind of insane. TouringPlans predicted and 8 and we got a 9. Because R. and I first took the kids for Xmas 2009, we've seen bigger crowds there (we were at MK more than one day when they quit letting people in who weren't staying on property).

A. and I gave up shortly after lunch in favor of going to the pool and playing iPad games. She's really enjoying PvZ2 currently.

ETA: I totally forgot. At the very last moment, I remembered to call R.'s uncle and ask him if he wanted to join us. He came over to hang out and have dinner with us at Morimoto Asia. The kids were just awful at this outing. If the restaurant hadn't had origami paper and directions it would have been an unmitigated disaster. They ate ice cream and nothing else, ultimately. But the adults had a great time: R., H. and I had Peking Duck, some sushi, sesame balls. Their Manhattan is made with sake and orange bitters and is amazing ("Manhattan East", I think). When I go back -- and I will -- I'm going to get a sitter for the kids.
Tags: daily activities, trip report
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