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Fall Florida Trip Report: Animal Kingdom, Citricos

The whole crowd went to Animal Kingdom on the same day: my mother-in-law, my sister and her family, my family. 9 of us! We weren't attempting to tour together the whole time, but we did ultimately do many rides as a group of 7 (R. and T. went off to do other things part of the time) or a group of 5 (my family plus mother-in-law). A. balked at Dinosaur -- she remembered it being too scary. But she was sure happy to go on Primeval Whirl. We were a group of 5 at that point, and I remember getting kinda beat up by that thing last trip, so I bailed out and let C., R., T. and A. go together (it's a 4 person ride vehicle). We got some excellent pictures on the dinosaur dumbo.

Because we had not been sure C. was coming along until fairly close to our trip date, we didn't have ticket media or fastpasses for her until we were in Florida. And then we had trouble activating our passes, because I forgot my DVC cards in the hotel room (did they ask R. and T. for DVC cards before activating the pass? No, no they did not.). On the good side, Disney comped me a paper FP voucher for five, so we were able to get C. onto the safari with us at the end of the day. I don't think she was at all sad to miss going on the raft ride, but she may have been sad about missing going on Expedition Everest.

We had lunch at Yak & Yeti counter service edition. My sister was there at roughly the same time, but we missed each other and wound up sitting and eating separately. Oh well! It was surprisingly crowded at AK -- much more than I expected, altho while TouringPlans is prepared to concede other parks were more crowded than their prediction, they stand by their 5 out of 10 score for AK that day.

After safari, we bailed out in favor of swimming at the hotel pool.


We got a babysitter from Kids Nite Out, so the adults (5 of us) all went to Citricos. While not as Special as that time a year ago when we got the Domaine for no obvious reason, it was, as always, really tasty. I had fish and mussels and a salad. We had a bottle of a Willamette Valley Pinot Noir (Domaine Serene, maybe?). My sister got the arancini again, and the tofu ratatouille again (you know, I really should order this, because it is actually awesome and requires no allergy related modification).
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