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Fall Florida Trip Report: flight, Universal Studios, Homewood Suites

Our November trip occurred slightly later in the month than usual, so we did not benefit from the time change. However, because the kids get up for school anyway, it sort of did not matter.

Flying on Veterans' Day means much, much less traffic to deal with than a typical Wednesday. Car service was prompt. We arrived at the airport in plenty of time. We did curb baggage check so that was easy. We have TSA Pre Check now, so that was fast and easy. It was a completely uneventful flight. We arrived on time. Our rental car from National and child booster seat were immediately available. SunPass worked fine, once we were near the exit to the garage and could get a decent cell signal. We got a Hyundai Sonata, and the trunk is enormous.

We drove to Universal Studios. The pre-purchased tickets worked fine (no ID check, no credit card check). We hadn't checked the layout, so we screwed up and went to the Islands of Adventure gate first, and then backtracked to Universal Studios. We got on the Minions Ride with about a half hour wait -- this was the one ride the kids were both really excited about (and so was I). We went on more rides (but no Harry Potter) until we were really Done, and then we drove to Homewood Suites. If we hadn't made a wrong turn, it would have been super fast, but there's construction and we just aren't familiar with the area. So.

Homewood Suites Closest to Universal Studios is under renovation, so the checkin experience was a little sketchy. However, the service was excellent, the room was fine, the pool was great and overall our stay was completely satisfactory. We would go back, altho we got rooms at WorldQuest for next trip so I don't know when we will.
Tags: daily activities, trip report
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