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Book review for _Sweep in Peace_ and we're back from a trip

So if you're reading these via links from FB and finding things confusing, that's why.

We spent November 11-18 in Florida, visiting Universal, Disney, meeting family, etc. Things went well. Kids are back in school today. R. is back at work. And laundry is happening.

I read _Sweep in Peace_ while on vacay. (I also started and got a ways into _Neuro Tribes_, which I hope to finish in the next few days). The Innkeeper Chronicles have been posted progressively to the Ilona Andrews blog over time; I haven't been reading them there. I just read them when they come out in ebook form.

_Sweep in Peace_ is the second of the Innkeeper Chronicles, and functions also as a sort of sequel to the Edge series. It would _probably_ work okay as a standalone novel, or if you were only reading the Innkeeper Chronicles, or if you skipped book one of Innkeeper but had read Edge. But the backstory definitely adds a ton of depth.

SPOILERS! Especially if you read the Edge books. Altho at least you don't need to worry about being pursued by Spider.

The book starts with George Camarine finally offing Spider (woot!) and Being Bored, then being recruited by a mysterious representative of some Arbitration thingie. He can't tell anyone where he's going or what he's doing, but he does get to bring Jack and Gaston with him. We later learn that he attempted to bring Sophie/Lark along as well and she declined.

Dina, the Innkeeper, is missing Sean the Werewolf. And where Sean actually is turns out to be incredibly important to the plot of the story. Dina is asked to host a peace conference between the three factions fighting over a weird place called Nexus, where time ticks along at a different rate and no one wants to keep fighting but for a variety of nonsensical reasons they keep doing so. It's sort of fun watching Caldenia treat the interaction between Dina and George as a sort of tennis match: two control freaks who have the very best of intentions partly working together, partly in conflict over what to do next. It's Dina book so Dina wins, but George doesn't lose.

It's a fast, fun read, altho like certain comic book crossovers, not completely accessible to people who haven't already been participating in the fun.
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